Indian Railways to get Australian Simulation Systems

As part of a $30 million contract with the Indian Railways, South Australia based simulation systems company – Sydac, will deliver its first rail simulator to India. Sydac is an exporter of simulation and engineering modelling technology, specialising in rail simulation.

The build and maintain contract for the government-owned Indian Railways is the largest of its kind in the world in terms of scale and value.

This simulation technology is said to have a positive impact on India’s rail safety and will improve driver skills, awareness and safety; and will also assist in future design testing. Now, Indian drivers will train using 12 full-cab rail simulators and 60 desk simulators and 72 smaller simulators and will be responsible for building training centres in 12 cities across India over three years and will maintain the simulators for eight years. including Mumbai and Kolkata. ThIs simulator will be handed over in the city of Jodhpur next month.