Central Railway uses RFID technology for clean trains

In order to keep a tap of cleanliness on train, Central Railway has become the first zone in the country to use RFID technology to keep a tap on cleanliness on a running train.



RFID based mechanism to ensure scheduled cleaning has already been started on train no. 12133/12134 Mumbai-Mangalore Express, 12137/12138 Mumbai-Ferozpur Punjab Mail, 12163/12164 Dadar-Chennai Egmore Express and 11019/11020 Mumbai-Bhubaneshwar Konark Express.

Now, the beginning of RFID based monitoring mechanism will mark paradigm shift in the way the cleanliness of running trains were being managed so far. Such systems are classic examples of exploiting the potential of IT tools and will be milestones in honouring the Government’s commitment of Swachh Bharat.

The constraints in ensuring cleanliness on a running train are unparalleled to any other system as the floor area to be maintained is extensively large, occupied by huge number of passengers, always on-run and remotely away from the monitoring officials. These constraints can be overcome only by effectively harnessing the potential of various IT applications and devices.

To take care of unscheduled demand of cleaning by passengers in running trains, Mumbai division of Central Railway had already started SMS facility on 58888 and a website wwww.cleanmycoach.com.

The facility has proved to be a major breakthrough and whopping success on cleanliness front as it virtually empowers the travellers to demand the housekeeper in running train any time. Soon, this facility will be adopted by other units of Indian Railways for their trains.

Contrary to unscheduled requirement, the scheduled cleaning of the trains during run need to be done once in morning and once in evening.

Now to monitor and ensure such scheduled housekeeping of each of 8-9 compartments of coaches of running trains during morning and during evening slots, Mumbai division of Central Railway has started provision of RFID (radio frequency identification device) tags on these compartments.

After carrying out every scheduled morning/evening cleaning, the housekeeper will have to sense-read the fixed RFID tag of the compartment using a portable electronic handheld device which will record the sensing time of tag.

On completion of trip of train, the report of the data downloaded from the handheld device will confirm if each of the compartments was attended twice a day for scheduled cleaning. This system will also enforce the visible presence of housekeeper to the travelling passengers as the RFID tag is fixed in the passenger’s sitting area itself near mirrors. RFID sensing system will be a major step in achieving assured service delivery.