Indian Railways to develop railway infrastructure with state cooperation

Seeking cooperation from State Government to develop railway infrastructure like Stations, Road Under Bridges, Road Over Bridges, laying of additional lines etc. is a continuous and ongoing process. This is coordinated by various levels of Ministry of Railways and as well as State Governments.

Such assistance is normally in the form of land acquisition, law and order, encroachments removal, temporary closure of roads, shifting of utilities etc. State Government’s response, in general, has been positive and cooperative towards railway works.

Ministry of Railways has approached all State Governments to form Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) jointly with Ministry of Railways for speedier execution of ongoing and new projects.

The proposed SPV’s role would be to undertake project development, resource mobilization and monitoring of mutually identified rail infrastructure projects.

Exact form of SPV companies, equity participation of State Government & Ministry of Railways, implementation agency, concession agreement etc. has not been finalized. Estimation of funds likely to be raised cannot be made at this stage.